4 Quick Tips to Hire PHP Programmers Who Suit Your Business

4 Quick Tips to Hire PHP Programmers Who Suit Your Business
Hire PHP Programmers


Hiring PHP developers and programmers in accordance with project requirements is a tough task these days; one which poses a number of difficulties for project managers and website owners. So lets share with you a few quick tips to hire PHP programmers; as these can help you in pulling off this tricky task and subsequently boost your business.


1 - Define the Programmerโ€™s Role

Define the Programmer's Role

A PHP programmer acts as a savior for entrepreneurs who want to initiate their online business. He/she translates the ideas floated by the owners and webmasters into reality. A tech savvy developer will therefore be beneficial for you; but someone who knows your business domain can prove to be a tremendous asset for you in the long run.


2 - Determine the Skill Level of Required Programmer

Skill Level

Programmers can be divided into three categories on the basis of their technical skills. These are beginners, mid-level and advanced developers. The beginner level PHP developers need proper guidance from seniors. They can carry out only rookie tasks such as developing contact forms etc. A mid-level developer on the other hand can translate most of your ideas into reality. An advance level programmer meanwhile is likely to have significant knowledge about your business regime.


3 - Select the Hiring Source

Select the Hiring Source

Once youโ€™ve got the above two parts covered, the next step is choosing the right source to hire PHP programmers and developers. You can either go for freelancers who can be found at a number of freelancing websites or from a website development company. Again, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend.


4 - Choose the Hiring Model

Choose the Hiring Model

We might classify the hiring models for PHP programmers into a couple of categories. The first model is based on the clarity you possess about your business and what you expect from your developer. In this model, you will be required to simply put forth your project requirements and in turn get a fixed quote from the developer. The second model, on the other hand, includes the number of man hours for each individual. You may opt for this one if you aren't sure about your project requirements.



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