4 Signs That A Remote Work Lifestyle Suits Your Way of Work

4 Signs That A Remote Work Lifestyle Suits Your Way of Work
Remote Work Lifestyle


Last week, our blog post addressed the topic of Digital Nomads & how they are slowly increasing. Today's post discusses some of the key signs which point out a person's tilt towards the Digital Nomad road. In essence therefore, a remote work lifestyle is the key ingredient of a Digital Nomad's way of work. So let's go through the 5 signs that should make it obvious that you belong on the road with a laptop, not in a cubicle.


When you're working remotely, you pretty much have to be your own source of inspiration. Self motivation in this regard is essential if one is to keep up with tasks. It can even be argued that remote workers need to work more on their self motivation skills than their office counterparts. That is largely because there is no superior around to make sure the work gets done. On top of it, there are the worldly distractions. Staying on course therefore and getting the project done in due time becomes a question of self discipline. Having such qualities can be the first step to a remote work lifestyle.


Our previous article already touched on the topic of a Digital Nomad's ability to stay in touch from their remote location. Such an individual also needs to have flawless communication skills, given the fact that they might be sitting thousands of miles away from clients. Also, some co-workers/clients prefer email, some prefer video calls and it is therefore necessary to be content with all mediums.


For a normal worker who works in an office, the schedule & tasks are pretty much panned out by the higher ups. For a remote work lifestyle though, one has to be an impeccable planner and carve out necessary schedules himself. It doesn't matter how that planning is done; whether on a notepad or on Google Calendar, it should get the job done. It isn't however, always about knowing your commitments a week or so in advance.A remote worker's ability to plan in advance needs to extend into their personal hours as well.


In the world of Digital Nomads, it's totally ok to be a dreamer. Lofty targets can sometimes be exactly the need of the hour. Having a realistic grasp on things however is also essential. In this regard, setting attainable milestones and actively working towards them becomes of paradigm importance. Especially when one takes into account the fact that a Digital Nomad only has his own reputation and not a company backing him. In such a situation, it becomes essential to stay on point and not over commit. Another problem for someone driving down Hollywood Boulevard with a laptop next to them can be the number of distractions. Therefore, ifย youโ€™re aware of your tendency to flake on commitments, or take an unplanned vacation, then the remote work lifestyle is not exactly your thing.

Do you feel like you have the above 4 qualities? Well, then you're on your way to becoming a Digital Nomad.



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