4 Social Network Tools Every Business Should Have

4 Social Network Tools Every Business Should Have
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In our everyday businesses, customer relation management is a concept that has been around for quite a while now. The dawn of social media however gave birth to its peculiar cousin; namely social customer relation management. As things stand in the business world these days, social media plays a huge role in the overall sales and success of a business. Therefore it only makes sense that the platform be used to interact with customers and consequently build certain strategies based on their input. For this purpose, there are different social network tools that are used to analyze such customer data. So lets take a look at 5 of them which should be necessary for any online business these days.


Nimble is easy to use out of the social network tools as it automatically updates itself with relevant customer and prospect information. Contacts can also be imported from Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Outlook and many more. Its Relationship Intelligence feature furthermore helps identify key targets and you can turn conversations with prospects into cold, hard cash. It also utilizes โ€˜social listeningโ€™ to ensure customer profiles are updated. This way, a user can track any mentions of their brand on social media among their contacts. Nimble offers a Free 14 day trial but it costs $25 per user per month. For this you get up to 2GB of storage and up to 25,000 contacts. This is a tool that is ideally designed for new upcoming businesses.


Tagboard's mechanism uses hashtags to collect relevant social media information about your brand. This means you can have an instant notification when a customer mentions your brand on Facebook or Twitter. This is crucial in today's social media age because every customer and every second counts! Also, customers who are social media savvy normally don't put up with lazy replies. With Tagboard, you can also easily moderate offensive or negative content and use keyword filters to promote or remove posts. As a result, you can embrace public conversation while still maintaining control over how your brand is perceived on social media. Tagboard offers a free demo and the packages furthermore start from $49 a month. As this is one of those social network tools that gives you control over your online business from the get go, it is ideal for someone who is starting from scratch.


Mention's name pretty much gives it away. This is a C.R.M that tracks mentions of your brand all over the Internet. Its Real Time Monitoring feature allows business owners to quickly engage and respond to customers. It Competitive Analysis tool furthermore lets you compare key metrics with your biggest competitor. Lastly, one can analyze their rivals and capitalize on their weak areas. The role of online influences has become ever more important and with Mention, you can locate and engage with these important people/companies. Mention comes out in three packages; Solo for $29 a month, Starter for $99 a month and a Custom option called the Company package. This a social C.R.M that is more tailored towards large corporations under its company package.

Sprout Social:

Sprout Social's tools provide a more efficient social media communication across a wide range of platforms. Its targets are the 4 crucial elements of social media C.R.M i-e Monitoring, Measurement, Growth & Engagement. Its Engagement Report enables usersย  to discover social media trends among their customers. The social monitoring feature combines every alert and message from every profile into one stream. The measurement aspect can be used to create full fledged reports and you get instant access to full conversation history every time you respond to a customer message. Sprout Social's cheapest package is $59 a month, the Premium package comes in at $99 a month and the Team package is $500 a month.



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