5 Tips to Choose a PHP Framework for Your Business Website

5 Tips to Choose a PHP Framework for Your Business Website
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Web development frameworks have burst onto the technology landscape over the past few years with a boom. They have, in this time gained huge popularity among PHP developers worldwide. Therefore, as a recruiter who is looking to hire PHP programmers, you must be aware of suitable PHP frameworks as well. Your success as an online business depends on a number of factors. These factors will help you decide which PHP framework is appropriate for your project.

But before we discuss more details, let us explain what PHP frameworks really are and why they are important for your upcoming project. Framework in web development is similar to a library which simplifies web coding tasks. A PHP framework helps the developers focus on the important details that make your website stand out from the crowd. This saves their time from sulking over the basic levels of website functionality.

1 - Ascertain Your Web Projectโ€™s Main Objective


You must possess a clear understanding of your needs and requirements. Your web project could be an ecommerce business, a messaging portal, a social community or a directory. If you intend to develop an ecommerce website, youโ€™ll be much better off using a PHP framework that includes libraries with extensions for dealing with credit card processing. Similarly, if you are thinking to develop a simple messaging portal, you would require better load balancing, multiple servers and seamless connectivity.

2 - Determine Your Hosting Environment


This is yet another crucial decision for you to make!. If you are relying on a shared hosting environment, you certainly wonโ€™t be able to utilize PHP frameworks that require installation of additional software modules on the server. Similarly, if you are looking to handle, process and manage seriously large amounts of data, a lightweight framework might not be able to do the job for you.

3 - Select Your Development Team Judiciously


You must select your web development team wisely. While some frameworks are relatively user friendly and easier for beginners to handle, others can turn out to be complex and designed primarily for experienced personnel. Your time constraints, budget and security considerations will also help you make a selection of your web development team.

4 - Make Your PHP Developers Adhere to the Manual for Installation


You must make sure that your web development team is familiar with the user guide for installation of the framework. Moreover, each and every step outlined in the manual should be properly followed. This will then ensure an environment that permits a smooth coding experience for the developers.

5 - Choose a Framework with Support Options and Wider Community


It is always advisable to opt for a framework that is being used by a wider community. This will enable your developers to get access to a broader array of solutions. Even in the presence of detailed documentation, an unresolved bug will adversely affect your website users.

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