5 Tips For Creating Effective Landing Pages

5 Tips For Creating Effective Landing Pages
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When you're into the online marketing business, its obviously your dream to launch page and then see great results instantly. In reality however, that barely happens. So when your landing pages donโ€™t convert, what are you supposed to do?. Furthermore, what should you do when you're getting traffic on a page that is constantly bouncing off after few seconds? Well the answer to those questions is pretty simple. The most important thing in terms of landing pages is that they are kept simple and focus on one objective; capturing leads or driving traffic to a specific goal. How does one achieve that?? By creating landing pages that are effective at what they do. So here are 5 basic tips that will surely help you out in making your landing page that much more effective.

Add Elements of Trust to Your Landing Pages:

Trust is the most important benchmark for a business to develop whether its in the online world or physical one. If your customers do not trust your products for their quality or your services for their efficiency, they simply wont bother with your brand. On top of it, the world of internet is filled with scam these days and that makes it even more important to be a reliable business entity. There are a few proven tricks that can get the customer's attention in terms of building trust.

Firstly one can implement social proof to establish a more organic and trustworthy presence in front of their audience. This can be done by integrating social media followers or providing statistics on the number of followers.

Another aspect that can be added is affiliation of your brand with bigger and known brands. This can provide a solid base for your work as your customers will know that your brand is one that is trusted by the big boys of the business world.

Lastly, one can put up testimonials on their site to harness a trustworthy environment. These testimonials however need to be real and honest, not made up by some writer in the basement of your office.

A Dynamic Call to Action:

Landing pages that lack a proactive call to action are pretty much pointless in their existence. That's because the only goal of your landing page is to get your audience to convert into customers. To do this, you have to leave no doubt in their minds as to what you want them to do. Chances are that your traffic is going to bounce right off in the absence of an effective call to action. To achieve a positive output therefore, make sure that your call to action doesn't ramble on about unnecessary details and stays to the point. Furthermore, an organic and personal touch in terms of wordings certainly wont hurt as it helps the customer build a familiarity with your brand's work.

Remove Exit Points:

While you have to make sure that the links and navigation on your website are clear to the audience, the objective isย  for your traffic stays on your landing page. For this purpose, you should want to keep the audience there and not stray away to other pages or sites. One should therefore remove unwanted links from their landing pages and try to have only relevant information. Landing pages tend to have a very high bounce rate so an Exit Pop-Up can certainly help in this regard. It will encourage the audience to take a certain action if they appear to be looking to exit the page.

Use Videos:

Adding a video to your landing pages can certainly help in a situation where you are getting a lot of traffic but not enough conversions. That's because your product might be really cool in your eyes, but the audience doesn't necessarily agree. On the other hand, audiences are twice as likely to continue and buy your product or service in the presence of a video. Videos have been proven to significantly improve conversions. They also increase the audience's dwell time on your page. A client spending more time going through your landing page is therefore more likely to convert into a customer.

Top Quality Content:

In the online world, when they say that content is king, they don't say it for nothing. While the design on your landing pages can play a role in the aesthetics of your site, users at the end of the day are going to read what's actually written. In this context, your content should not only be error-free but also compelling and help build a connection with your audience. Reading through it should be an easy task that requires little effort. This means that the most important points should stand out and bullet points should be used.

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