5 Tips for a Landing Page that Yields High Conversions

5 Tips for a Landing Page that Yields High Conversions
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The obvious aim of developing a website is to convert your website visitors into potential customers and in turn enhance your Return on Investment. We are all familiar with the proverbial love at first sight. Landing page of a website is a place where a visitor tends to have the first interaction with your web platform.

And this is precisely the place where the visitor should fall in love with it; unable to move away from it. Whether you want to sell new products, want people to get registered to your social community or sign up for a webinar; a landing page is always the location where visitors have their first encounter with your website. Hence, the landing page should be able to capture the imagination of your visitors and engage them effectively. This will aid you in the ultimate goal of converting visitors into customers. So here’s a roundup of some of the most effective tips that will help you create landing pages that yield high conversions.

1 – Use Killer Headline and Sub-headline

Use Killer Headline and Sub-headline

Just imagine a billboard installed by the side of a thoroughfare portraying an advertisement to all the passersby. If you happen to drive past the billboard, you’ll hardly get a few seconds to view the advertisement. And your brain will take only take a few seconds to ascertain whether a second glance is needed or not.

Similar is the case with your landing page. Once a visitor arrives on it, he/she will make a split second decision whether to stay for a longer duration or bounce away. Your landing page should therefore boast an eye-catching headline followed by a sub-headline that is able to grab the visitor’s attention. It is also crucial that your headline and sub-headline are littered with relevant text. Such tactics can pass your message across to your visitor effectively.

2 – Insert Relevant Images and Videos

Insert Relevant Images and Videos

Images and videos are essential elements of a landing page that can get the website owner’s message across effectively. Statistics reveal 90% of the information transmitted to the brain to be visual and its processed 60,000 times faster. Similarly, about two-fifths of the people respond faster to visual imagery as compared to text. The landing page for this reason has to boast a nice blend of text, images and videos in order to gain traction among visitors of all types.

3 – Integrate Persuasive Call-to-Action

Integrate Persuasive Call-to-Action

It is one thing to get traffic in millions to your website and another to convert it into potential customers thereby increase your revenues. The proven mechanism in such a scenario are Call-to-Action buttons. They can convert your incoming traffic into clients who can subsequently become your loyal brand ambassadors. An effective Call-to-Action should comprise of text that is able to drive your message home instead of making things complex. The text should not be blurry or confusing and should clearly inform the visitor what is expected of him. Moreover, placement of the Call-to-Action button is of prime significance. It should be positioned at a place where the visitor is continuously reminded of what the website wants from him/her and is lured to take the desired action.

4 – Position Vital Information above the Fold

Position Vital Information above the Fold

It is important to strategically display all the relevant visual content well above the fold. This way, the visitor is introduced to all the relevant information about your website and business at the outset. According to estimates, a visitor takes about 8 seconds before closing down a web page and moving onto other ones. This obviously does not imply that we are advocating a single page interface. We just want to emphasize the importance of placing the right content at the right place. Doing so can provide the user information he/she is looking for and allure him/her to become your potential customer.

5 – Place Client Testimonials

Place Client Testimonials

Client testimonials always play an important role in helping customers making informed choices. So it is important to place them on the landing page with relevant photographs, complete profiles and other relevant information. Moreover, video testimonials can also be handy in this regard.

The elements mentioned above therefore need to be considered during the development of any website. There are tons of examples out there, where successful websites managed to get conversions just by using one or two of these elements. The onus is all on you to decide how you want your landing page to be optimized so that your incoming traffic gets converted into customers who become a source of revenue for your business.



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