6 Tips to Redefine Your Brand

6 Tips to Redefine Your Brand
redefine your brand


Gone are the days when the market was dominated by paradigms based on coercive selling. In those days of the yore, the customers were considered as mere sheep blindly following a herd. Now, the world has transformed into a global village which is a much more innovative place where the buyer makes informed choices. This is a place where the brand talks to the shoppers at the same level as the people. By this what we really mean is that integrity, honesty and ingenuity are of prime importance in this competitive world. Nowadays, a brand is much more than a logo and a typeface and these attributes are merely its visualization. People, these days, are looking to harness the immense power of the world wide web to define their brand and show what they really are and what they actually represent.

And so now, imagine a scenario. Just recently, you’ve come to realize that your brand and look, for that matter, needs a total makeover. Well, the fact that you’ve realized this need, implies that you are on the right path. Change is certainly fearsome and as the famous adage goes change is the only constant in this world which is inevitable and unavoidable. Re-positioning can scare anyone but it is a fact that the inability and resistance to evolve results in stagnancy. In this article, we are going to have a look at some very effective tips that can help you reinvent your brand into a fresher, more consolidated visual brand identity.


1 – Tell the People Why You are Here


According to author and branding expert Simon Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do, they only buy why you do it”. So, it is really important that you let them know your brand story. They have the right to know your company, product and vision. Your story about yourself, why you are there and why you believe you belong here, has to be consistent every time. And it has to match your visuals! You’ve got to do plenty of deep down soul searching and forge a narrative that will make the people believe in what you do. It’s when people start owning your narrative, the magic starts happening. And what better way to tell your story to people than your very own interactive and dynamic website!


2 – Let the Visuals Do the Talking


It’s time you started playing to your strengths. More often than not, a tiny change in your images can go a long way in overhauling your brand. Take a peek at your photo collection and determine for yourself if you need to freshen it up by adding a new array of photographs and visual images. It’s totally up to you whether you want to go for stock photos or custom photography. Try and keep adding new visuals to your photo library and keep rotating your featured images every now and then. Playing with old photographs and adding new visual effects can also do a world of good to your efforts of reinventing your brand.


3 – Modify Your Color Palette


It might be the case that your color choices and patterns are just not producing the results that you so dearly desire. Perhaps, your brand is not able to achieve the uniqueness that it requires to stand out from the crowd. So, giving a deep hard look at your color palette becomes inevitable in such a situation. Go for the color patterns that are in trend today. Try and do a lot of mixing around with your color palette and come up with something that appears pleasing to the eye and is able to support your overall identity as well.


4 – Tweak Your Typeface Palette


With the color palette redone, it is time you carried out some tweaking with your typeface palette. You can either go for an entirely different typeface or change the way you are using your current typeface. Make subtle changes in your existing typography such as adding visual weight in different places. These little changes can add a whole new dimension to your typeface palette and give your brand the much needed new look.


5 – Try a Trendy Technique


You can endeavor to introduce a trendy element into your design framework before going for the complete overhaul. Some of the elements that you can integrate into your website may be video, animated user interface elements or even opting for a more minimalist design.


6 – Hire PHP Developers


Once you’ve got hold of how you intend to rebrand yourself and your website, then it’s the time to hire PHP developers to develop a dynamic website, one that is able to portray your brand identity impeccably. It is they who will work in tandem with your web designers and translate your ideas into reality. To know more about why startups need to hire PHP developers, you can sift through this blog post.



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