9 Reasons to Hire PHP Programmers Well Versed with Laravel

9 Reasons to Hire PHP Programmers Well Versed with Laravel


Laravel is one of many PHP web application frameworks that has gained traction among developers as well as entrepreneurs. That's because its an open source software and its architecture is based on the model-view-controller pattern. Some of the other web application frameworks that have become popular among the masses include Yii, CodeIgniter and Symfony etc. Laravel meanwhile offers a high degree of readability and provides a wide spectrum of features. These features include ones as the aforementioned module based architecture and the amazing flexibility to get access to relational databases. It also gives developers the luxury to focus more on the application under development rather than worrying about the syntax. All these reasons grant a closer look at some of the reasons that make it beneficial for website owners to hire PHP programmers and developers who are proficient in Laravel application development

1 - In-Built HTTP Middleware


Laravel application framework comes loaded with a built-in HTTP middle ware that ensures the access of only one user with the requisite authentication. So if there's an unauthenticated access attempt, the HTTP middle ware diverts the user back to the login screen. Whats more is its open source nature also allows for flexibility to write middle ware dedicated to performing a number of other tasks. Some of these middle ware also include features for maintenance, CSRF protection, etc.

2 - A Flexible Authentication Process


Configuration and implementation of the authentication process is rendered remarkably easy by Laravel. With the help of the authentication file, developers can manipulate and configure the entire process in accordance to their requirements. The file for this purpose is located at config/auth.php and can be tweaked in a number of ways.

3 - Support for Multiple Languages


Developers who have expertise in Laravel application development also have the option to integrate support for multiple languages in their web applications. This can be done by retrieving strings in a number of languages. This option is made possible by the inclusion of the localization feature in Laravel. All you have to do is create a separate directory for each of the supported languages.

4 - Range of Templates


The Laravel framework also includes a broad range of templates that allow the developers to utilize fabulous designs and patterns. Programmers can build simple and user friendly layouts by utilizing widgets that contain JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets.

5 - In-Built Tool for Command Line Interface


The entire Laravel project environment has to be managed and controlled via a command line interface. The framework includes a tool for this purpose called as Artisan. This tool helps the developers avoid a number of repetitive tasks that can cause nuisance for them if done repeatedly.

6 - Libraries


The Laravel framework comes with a number of pre installed object oriented libraries such as the Authentication library. This library offers plenty of advanced features including Cross Site Request Forgery protection, password reset and encryption. The framework itself is built on 20 libraries and is divided into modules. These modules in turn allow the developers to produce responsive and modular web applications.

7 - Migration


The developers who have had experience working with Laravel highly appreciate this feature. That is because it lets them modify the structure of their database using PHP code. Similarly, the Laravel Schema Builder tool is very useful in constructing database tables, inserting columns and indices as and when required.

8 - Unit-Testing


The application framework runs numerous unit tests to ensure that any modifications or alterations made by the developers do not result in any unanticipated obstructions in the applications. Moreover, it is also extremely easy to write unit-tests for one’s own code.

9 - Security


The Laravel framework has been designed in such a way that it provides security from within. The framework uses salted and hashed passwords, thus making sure that they are not saved as plain text within the database. Moreover, prepared SQL statements in Laravel render any injection attacks virtually impossible.