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Value Added Services
Other companies charge extra on all these services.All listed services are free of charge. Packaged according to the client’s requirements.
Access to Stock Photos
Other companies either ask the client to provide their own photos or use images from the internet which might lead to copyrights infringement and subsequently drag them into undesired litigation.We provide access to stock photos via subscription to Shutterstock which provides the following benefits:
  • Protection from copyright issues
  • Unlimited supply of millions of high quality and authentic stock photos
  • Global usage license that lasts in perpetuity
Technical manager
Project coordinators of other companies are normally sales person/marketing agents that definitely ace in communication skills but lack in technical knowledge.Our Technical Managers are trained with:
  • excellent English spoken and writing skills
  • technically equipped with formidable development skills
  • management literate
Moreover, there isn’t an additional cost for the hired technical manager.
Senior and outsource guidance
Programmers hired from other companies work independently.
  • constant guidance of experienced seniors and outsource instructors
  • no charges for the support lent by the seniors
  • extension of whole-hearted support to the clientele
Other companies might not have the required experience.
  • creation and management of large teams with complex system designs simultaneously
  • experience in working at bigger platforms than general software companies
  • Guidance from seniors, one of the worthiest aspect of DLโ€™s success and expertise!
Contact with Clients
Contact with clients is via Skype.In addition, Basecamp is also used for contact purposes. Basecamp is an online connection portal that features:
  • company’s own subscription
  • organized conversations
  • to-do lists
  • updates on daily basis
Design Check
Designs are checked by the end of the project.
  • The check is held regularly at every step with the clientโ€™s consent
  • All design review and changes made through moqups App
  • Creation of high fidelity, resolution independent SVG wireframes (page schematics or screen blueprint) for design check
Client’s project owning
Work is considered as job and done accordingly.DynamoLogic works under the policy of considering client’s project as own and proceed accordingly. Hence, special care is taken to:
  • Provide client with a standard list of particulars that are equipped with modern and up-to-date design.
  • Constantly update client of advancements and changes required.
  • Suggest any improvements possible to the code or design and try for results better than expected by the client.