Facebook Updates You Can’t Afford To Miss

Facebook Updates You Can’t Afford To Miss
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Regardless of all the controversies and concerns, Facebook continues to grow. And the second quarter report for 2018 talks all about. The reason why Facebook carries on being the brand it has become is the never-ending changes and efforts for improving the platform.

Many changes are coming to Facebook. Most of the new Facebook updates have focused on increased user security and transparency issues from the Pages that are running on the platform. In response to that Facebook has recently removed more than 650 accounts, pages and groups on both Facebook and Instagram.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Cybersecurity Policy at Facebook, explains that they removed a total of 652 accounts, pages, and groups that originated in Iran and targeted people across multiple Internet services throughout Latin America, Middle East, US, and the UK.

This has solved loopholes in the pages and has come up with new ways for improving the platform. Apart from that, there are some other big changes are expected to be announced soon.

What updates are exactly coming out?

Starting with Facebook Advertising, there are new policies coming out. Facebook Advertising allows us to target users based on very specific demographics, such as age, gender, location, interests, income, net worth, occupation, and behaviors. But these things are going to change with the new policies.

Addition of New Creative Tools in Application’s Ads Manager

Social media marketers who always wanted to edit their ad creatives before uploading to the Ads Manager will be excited to see the new tools available in the ads manager app. That’s right. Facebook Ads Manager App now allow mobile users to edit their photos in-app by utilizing templates, cropping tools, color filters and new stickers, shapes and even logos.

You can also make use of Facebook’s Text-Overlay Tool, that allows you to check your edited images if they are in-line with Facebook’s 20% text rule.

FB Tools

These updates allow you to create fresh content on the go while simply using the Ads-Manager. Unlike before, there’s no need to switch between multiple apps to edit and fix your ad creatives or design ad campaigns.

Changes to Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook is adjusting its audiences that marketers can target for advertising their services/products. The changes are made to “Saved Audiences.” Partner categories are going to be eliminated soon and it will have a major impact in ways advertisers used to target Facebook users. As a social media marketer you will not be able to target users on using the following categories/filters:

Demographics > Financial > Income – People targeted users based on income threshold to promote high-end products such as vehicles or housing.

Demographics > Home > Home Ownership -This helped in targeting users who rent or own their home by placing users in the “first time home buying” category.  This also helps us to see if a user is going to move. This demographic is helpful for real estate agents, residential builders, and real estate developers.

Behaviors > Automotive –  This filter helps advertisers in targeting users based on new vehicle ownership/users that are looking to buy a new vehicle. It also allows advertisers in targeting the vehicle type such as (Sedan, SUV etc.)

Behaviors > B2B –  Advertisers target companies based on their size, industry, and experience in case of a B2B industry. This impacts all companies offering professional services such as accounting firms, legal teams, and website design firms.

Behaviors > Charitable Donations – This was useful for advertisers looking to raise funds for nonprofit organizations and campaigns. It helped marketers by targeting the Type of charity which someone was going to donate to such as “animal welfare, health and more.”

Behaviors > Financial > Spending Methods – This is going to have a great impact on retailers. Advertisers can target users by using this method based on the things they buy or whether they use cash or credit cards.

Behaviors > Media > Television > Viewership Habits – This method impacts advertisers in targeting users interested in watching television.

Behaviors > Purchase Behavior –  This helps to target audience based on their specific spending habits such as health and beauty, food and drink, fashion, home, and garden etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned changes, there are hundreds of other changes happening in audience targeting with impacting the brands used to target users. The options shared above is what is expected to be eliminated from the Facebook’s audience targeting options.

There are changes in the Custom Audiences too

Facebook is not just changing its Saved Audiences. It is also making changes to how you create custom audiences. New rules apply to advertisers and businessmen looking to upload their customized audience lists, popularly known as “custom audiences.”

Advertisers could export email lists from databases and use it to target Facebook users who have used the same email ID for their Facebook account creation. But, now Facebook is changing this feature. It is expected that advertisers will have to verify the list responsibly and organically.

In fact, Facebook now also lets users view the list that contains their information and is uploaded by the advertisers. All you have to do is just hop on to Settings > Ads > Advertisers you have engaged with to get a full view of advertisers using your Facebook Information. Furthermore, users will also be able to hide ads by hovering over an image and clicking “X.”

Updated Video Ad Metrics

If you are into running a lot of video ad campaigns on Facebook, you might have seen these changes, that are rolling out globally now. Facebook is focusing more on how much total time a video is watched by aligning its video ad metrics with how users actually watch the ad video.

Facebook is closely monitoring how users spend time watching videos on the platform and will be soon launching the following upgrades:

  • Measuring unrepeated sections, giving a more accurate look at the newsfeed ads. This gives you better insights about non-skippable video ads compared with skippable video promos.
  • How many times a video is played. This is different than an impression.
  • Elimination of 30-second views and percentage of video views.

Improved Ad Solutions for Marketing Games

Facebook has released new ways for marketing games that helps you find potential players. If you are looking to promote a game app, or love playing mobile games then you will like this feature. Facebook now allows users the ability to test a game in an in-app preview mode before having to download it.

Users will be able to see a quick video that demonstrates the game and a “Tap-to-Try" prompt.

This will enable users to play the game enough to encourage them to actually visit the app store and download the game. Whether your gaming app is free or available in paid versions, allowing users to try the game before downloading is pretty effective.

Also rolling out later this year is the new feature for retention optimization, which will enable marketers to optimize their ads for users who are most engaged and likely to be long-term players of the game –including all those who are most likely to ACTUALLY purchase your game.

Being able to target the right audience is all that matters the most. If you are having any trouble figuring out the new policies and features of Facebook Ads, you can always hire SEO Services London to make things work.

Rehauling the mobile interface

Mobile users will also see major changes across certain parts of the interface. It features a newly designed navigation bar which serves as a shortcut to the items that users have to frequently access.

Depending upon the user’s personal usage preferences, the new re-designed navigation bar includes shortcuts to a person’s own profile, friends requests, watch, groups, and marketplace. The newsfeed, menu icons, and notifications are already there.

Also, Facebook pages are getting a new look for mobile users this year. Page Recommendations are going to be showcased as one of the most prominent features, making it easier for users to find reviews and connect with their favorite brands.

Things are also being streamlined to allow users to better interact with businesses, including booking appointments and/or consultations or viewing menus from a business’s page via the Facebook mobile app. All this works in sync with the new ‘Local’ feature that enables users to look up local businesses in their area and see what grabs their attention.

New Facebook page design is pretty significant for businesses. You need to ensure that your CTAs are optimized to divert users to tools that will get them in touch with your brand quickly.  You also need to make an effort for collecting more reviews in case you don’t have those yet, as they are being more prominently displayed. They also give you an edge in the local listings.

Restricted access to third-party apps

Experts at the SEO Company UK told us that Facebook has also restricted third-party post scheduling for your personal profiles. However, you can still use third-party apps i.e. Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule updates to your business pages.

‘Tap to React’ feature in stories

Facebook stories are testing a new feature that will allow users to tap to react when viewing them. This is a great way to increase engagement on Facebook Stories, which gives you a better understanding of how viewers are perceiving your content.

FB Tap

Compared to simple views, engagement rates provide better insights in terms of whether or not your target audience is actually willing to interact with your content. You can use that data to design better and more engaging content that is likely to help you achieve your goals.

LIVE videos experience is changing –Facebook Acquires VidPresso Team

Founded in 2012, VidPresso was a social video company that was founded with a simple mission to use technology to make live videos more interactive on multiple social platforms. And Facebook has recently acquired the VidPresso Team.

FB Live Video

The VidPresso Team writes:

“We’re really excited to share we’re joining Facebook effective today. We will continue to help creators, publishers, and broadcasters create great live experiences, and focus on what we’re best known for: Enabling world-class interactive streams on Facebook Live. Our customers who currently use the product will continue to be able to do so following our transition to Facebook.”

Furthermore, these last few lines from the VidPresso Team gives us some insight on how Facebook aims to make things work:

“This gives us the best opportunity to accelerate our vision and offer a simple way for creators, publishers, and broadcasters to use social media in live video at a high quality level . . . By joining Facebook, we’ll be able to offer our tools to a much broader audience. Eventually, it’ll allow us to put these tools in the hands of creators, so they can focus on their content, and have it look great, without spending lots of time or money to do so.”

Facebook LIVE streaming is already a key for many businesses, and having more interactivity potential can prove to be a massive development that will make it easier for brands to go live and improve viewer retention score while doing so.

Acquiring VidPresso Team gives Facebook the much need edge to make it a compelling LIVE video streaming platform, by promising increased interactivity in form of powerful graphics, on-screen polling and much more.

How well is your business coping up with these changes?

Each of these updates from Facebook can affect brands and businesses in some way, doesn’t matter if its small or large scale.

You might want to note down a few important ones that you need to tackle immediately i.e. how your business page looks on the Facebook mobile app and what CTAs you can optimize to improve the way you connect with your audiences.

Let us know in the comments below how you can your team are planning to overcome all the challenges. Why do you think it is important to keep tweaking your social media marketing strategy when any such updates are announced from Facebook? We would love to hear your Addition of New Creative thoughts.



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