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  • When will I have to pay the charges?
    50% of the total agreed price is paid up front. The remaining is based monthly or by the end of the project depending upon the time duration served.
  • How will I know that Iโ€™m not being overcharged?
    In case of any uncertainty, third party tools are employed on the assigned developersโ€™ programming system to tally working hours with charges applied.
  • Will there be any extra costs involved in the process?
    No, only the costs mentioned on site will be applicable. Value added services are granted free of charge.
  • How will the payments be made?
    All payment transactions are carried out through either PayPal or an online merchant, (please add the name).


  • Will I be able to communicate with the developer?
    All communication is held between client and the technical manager of the project. At DynamoLogic, technical managers have excellent communication skills as well as required technical knowledge.


  • Is there a refund policy available?
    No, any or all money paid to DynamoLogic is not refundable. In case of dissatisfaction from work, you must consult the technical manager and discuss the problem. Either the problem will be eliminated or a replacement design is provided ASAP.
  • What if I do not like the developerโ€™s work?
    The developers at DynamoLogic work with your regular consent. In case of any misunderstanding, seniorsโ€™ advice is taken into account to eliminate the problem and you will be compensated accordingly.

General Questions

  • Do you provide a trial sample?
    We provide a 1 week trial in which the client can assign a task to the developer to gauge his/her programming skills and experience in carrying out a requisite project.
  • Why is my project charged higher than a certain other project?
    All projects are charged according to the requirements and expanse of work. For more complex projects, senior resources are to be engaged and charges increase accordingly. The rule is simply like that in buying a gadget, really. The more features it includes, the higher is the price.
  • Can I hire more than one developer?
    Yes, hiring of developer depends on the project at hand. We are a team and developers are availed to serve as need be.