Impact of Virtual Reality in the Future

Impact of Virtual Reality in the Future
Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality in all honesty seems like itโ€™s been slow to pick up. But then, that's because most of us have a terrible perception of what kind of an impact a new technology can have on the future. Itโ€™s human nature to be a bedroom critic. That's why new platforms and technologies are not accepted straight away. We humans are adverse to change. Most of the time, we want whatโ€™s easiest, and in most cases, its what we already know. As things stand right now, Virtual Reality (V.R) is mostly in the gaming world.

However, as the technology becomes more prevalent and accepted, there are huge arenas of opportunity opening up. The use of such an ingenious device surely has to extend beyond gaming. It is therefore up to the young entrepreneurs to come up with ways of utilizing this technology before the world recognizes that they couldnโ€™t imagine a life with only this reality.

Content Creation With Virtual Reality:

If content is to be king on the internet, then there are surely many ways in which V.R can help create a more engaging and immersive one. Right now, the only work being done is in game engines like Unity and Unreal. The scope for expansion therefore is enormous. The development of tools that can help in different ways of capturing as well as creating content could be the next step. It could lead to advancements like:

360 video: Where you can move your head and view the whole space, but cannot actually move around.
Photogrammetry: Taking high resolution 2D pictures around a big object like a building and with algorithms put it together in V.R.

This of course is just the tip of the iceberg and once we dwell into it, more vistas will open up.

Traveling Industry:

The one field of business where V.R is sure to cause a storm will be the traveling industry. In our normal lives, we barely get to visit the places we might have on our bucket list. Even the most avid travelers end up seeing only a fraction of the world's beauty. V.R of course takes care of all that. With its headsets, users will be able to immerse themselves in any part of the world, right from their bedrooms. Such a leap will highly impact the travel industry, thus affecting ticket prices & everything else related to it. Google Earth V.R seems to be just the first step in this direction.

Retail & Shopping:

e-Commerce came along a long time ago and took away the need for physical buying. Virtual reality it seems is going to be the last proverbial nail in the coffin for it. With the technology's advent, users will be able to check out consumer items while sitting home sipping their coffee. The impact it will have on the retail business will be unprecedented as it will literally take away the need for physical locations.

Recreational Uses:

Of course the opportunities wont just be for the big boys of the tech world. While expanding into the larger businesses, V.R is surely going to keep its status as a more fun technology, the way it is right now. Users could always walk around the Colosseum in Rome, climb the Eiffel tower when they feel like or sit on the tip of the Pyramids of Giza and watch the desert sunset. Virtual Reality in the coming years will be everything from the fun to the downright useful and handy.



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