Iphone X: Design, Features & Specifications

Iphone X: Design, Features & Specifications


A few weeks ago, we did a post to discuss some of the rumors that were coming out related to the new Iphone. And as Apple launched its flagship smartphone this week, it turned out that most of them were true. The launch event where 3 other products, namely Iphone 8, the Apple Watch & Apple T.V were also launched took place inside the new Steve Jobs Spaceship Theatre. The Iphone X however, (pronounced Iphone 10) was the one everyone was waiting for. The question as to where the Iphone 9 went is still left to be answered. But without further ado, let's get down to business and discuss some of the official specifications of the new Iphone X.


With the new Iphone X, Apple has finally bid farewell to bezels. In doing so, it has caught up with the contemporary world of smartphones. The glass based design meanwhile (front & back) comes with aย deeper strengthening layer. This addition makes the iPhone X the โ€œmost durable in a smartphone.โ€ This also makes it water and dust resistant. Initially it will be available in two colors (its release date is November 3rd) i-e space gray and silver.

Face ID:

Another upgrade that Apple has given its new flagship phone is the addition of Facial Recognition (although the technology is old by now). And even though the feature seemed to have failed at the launch event, Apple did come out with an explanation as to why it happened. This obviously means that the home button is no more; and this adds to the bezel less aspect. To wake the device up now, all one has to do is swipe across any part of the screen. In terms of Apple's search engine Siri, it can be activated by saying "Hey Siri" or by pressing down on the home side lock button. The function of closing an app that was previously dependent on the home button has been replace by swiping up the screen.


The new iPhone X will come with a 5.8-inch OLED display. Its needless to say that this display screen will be far more vibrant in comparison to the old LCD screens Apple used on previous iPhones. The screen subsequently runs almost top to bottom and side to side; thanks to the fact that the home button has been removed.ย The OLED screen is something Apple has never done before and it will be interesting to see its effectiveness once the phone comes out.


The rear camera on the Iphone X is a 12-megapixel sensor, with dual-lenses at f1.8 and f2.4 apertures. New A11 Bionic chip meanwhile paired with the enhanced camera lets users select their lighting effects with a new Portrait Lighting. Video can now be captured at 60FPS in low-light mode and 4K capture. Slow motion videos captured in 1080p will have 240 FPS. The front-facing camera is empowered with True Depth camera system that supports FaceID. Portrait mode and Portrait lighting are now also available on the front-facing camera.

Wireless Charging:

The iPhone X, along with the 2 other Iphones announced comes with wireless charging abilities (yet another tech feature that's become old school by now). This feature obviously has been made possible thanks to the new glass back. It is supported by Qi, which is the standard in the wireless charging industry. Battery life is also two hours longer than the iPhone 7. The wireless charging on the new iPhones is courtesy a new accessory called AirPower. Itโ€™s a larger mat that lets users charge their iPhones, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.

Augmented Reality:

Other than the spec bumps and design upgrades, the Iphone X has come along with another software addition. With Augmented Reality, users can now superimpose virtual images, games and videos to real world objects. The new phone can also use 3D tracking capabilities from its selfie camera to impose masks using AR for apps such as Snapchat.


Animoji (animated emoji) are a new form of moving emoji that can be customised with a facial recognition software. Users can scan face and the animoji to match their expression in a short animation. The feature will be available on the iPhone X with the 3D camera. Apple has created a limited selection of animoji from its several hundreds of emoji.


The price in case you're wondering for all these updates is a staggering $999. The Iphone X will become the most expensive Apple smartphone when its launched on November 3rd.



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