Leading WordPress Trends for 2017

Leading WordPress Trends for 2017
WordPress Trends


WordPress; well by now the word has become self defining. What is there that hasn't been mentioned about it or thrown in its praise. It's the CMS engine that is currently running almost a quarter of the internet's websites (just so you know, that's a lot of websites). But with each incoming year, the trends on the internet change and therefore on WordPress too. So this time out, we're going to discuss some of the latest WordPress trends for 2017. Let's take a look!

Single Paged Websites:

With such congestion on the web these days, developers are quickly moving towards simpler templates for websites and rightly so. That's because a user most of the time isn't bothered with all the gizmos on the front page of a site. What they're mostly looking for is a simple straight forward mechanism which can get the job done in no time (so they can go eat their hotdog). Not to mention the fact that a simple layout page tends to keep its traffic for a longer period of time.

Video Headers:

[playlist type="video" ids="14829"]

Every year, WordPress rolls out a new theme for its users. This year apparently, it's been called Twenty Seventeen. And what it has is the new feature of Video Headers. And when we say new, we mean in terms of WordPress themes becuase video headers are a fairly old concept in terms of Web development. But the fact that there were hardly any WordPress themes uptil now supporting this feature is what makes it new. The benefits meanwhile from this addition can be immense as a feature like this can greatly boost the audience response on a site.

V.R Optimized Themes:

Now that we're talking about WordPress themes, it's a good time to discuss the one which will have V.R tech in it. V.R as it stands is no more a pretty little start up for spoiled teenagers. The technology has gained widespread use in different fields. We have previously discussed its utilities in the field of PDF. So we can expect V.R based themes sooner rather than later where surfers will be using V.R headsets. The use of such tools can specially be helpful for e-Commerce websites as it will help buyers get a real life feel of the products.

e-Commerce Themes:

WordPress's widespread success has caused a shift of e-Commerce websites to this CMS system. Which is ironic because WordPress in its initial days was looked down upon as only a blogging platform. But the irony aside, this shift has prompted WordPress to come up with new themes and plugins for eCommerce businesses. There are many flexible WP themes that allow designers to integrate a number of features to their e-Commerce site. WooCommerce is just one of them which provides users an online shopping platform to explore a variety of products.

Typography Techniques:

As seen previously, designers were confined to a small space when it came to using fonts for websites. But the new trend of Bold Typography, as discussed in one of our earlier posts has opened new vistas. This has enabled designers to create eye catching front end pages. This will surely be one of the most crucial WordPress trends for the year of 2017.


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