Our Favorite Sources of Web Design Inspiration

Our Favorite Sources of Web Design Inspiration


The platform is selected, content is written and the framework is approved. Now all that's left is to work out an eye-catching design both you and the client will be satisfied with. But often in time like these, we can run out of inspiration and are left in a creativity blackhole. On the brighter side "Having a bank of few resources you can look into can really help get your creativity flowing again." says PHP Developers.So, here's a list of our top favorite go-to websites for design inspiration that help us better meet the requirements of our clients, and can spark the magic for you too. You might want to bookmark it, just in case.

Best Website Gallery (BWG)

HPHP GalleryManaged by David Hellman โ€“Best Website Gallery is a highly curated gallery of premium website designs. Structured on a robust tagging system BWG makes it quick and easy to find sites based on style, functionality, design approach, and much more. Despite being David's side project, today BWG volumes more than 2000 websites for you to get your creativity flowing again.

But why BWG?

Because BWG boasts an amazing gallery that is filled with alluring web designs. Which is particularly good for:
Agency websites
BWG is the perfect source to look for some design inspiration for agency websites. As agencies always aim to secure good ranks on search engines, they go for high-caliber creatives. BWG is the right place to look for some design help.
Portfolio websites
If you too are one of those who like to participate in different online competitions requiring your portfolio, BWG is designed for you. LITERALLY. It comes with many eye-catching portfolio themes that you can take inspiration from and create a winning design.
Color inspiration
Last but not the least, BWG allows you to filter sites by color, so you can easily search for beautiful palettes that your client's brand uses.

Template Monster

Template MonsterFamous for selling pre-built designs โ€“Template Monster is a great place to look for different ideas of how content can be laid out. Offering easy navigation, Template Monster categorizes designs based on industry, platform and features.

CSS Nectar

Another great source of design inspiration, also recommended by PHP Developers is CSS Nectar. This online source ranks websites based on their design, code, and creativity. It is built on a triple-vetted site ranking system, which allows its users complete freedom in filtering top designs based on category, color, features, and location.

But why CSS Nectar?

Because CSS Nectar's web designs are triple-vetted. That's right. In order to get your web design featured on this platform, you have to pay a certain fee and submit it for a review. Before your design goes live, a team of expert designers will review your submission and determine whether it is of the right quality to be approved for publishing. Once the design is approved it is made available to the online community, open for voting based on website's layout, code and creativity.Designs collecting the highest number of votes are then showcased with a digital ribbon and an exclusive spot on the winner's page. In addition to that, CSS Nectar makes it easier to find design inspiration with their filters and tags. You can scroll through the most voted design templates that are hand-picked by the experts.


Similar to CSS Nectar, Awwwards comes with a rating system for websites that are featured across the platform. Based on individual site ratings, Awwwards displays a new site on its platform each day. It offers an in-depth analysis of websites, and allow users to comment on the designs too. If you are looking for modern and edgy designs, Awwwards is the best place to look for some inspiration.


Offers fresh doses of design inspiration on daily basis. This site helps you stretch your design paradigm into new dimensions by showcasing designs that are not limited to websites only. Afterall, who says your next website design can't be inspired by a print ad?It is not just for digital design inspiration. In fact, you can find everything from architecture to photography on Abduzeedo.By featuring a variety of media across it platform, the Abduzeedo staff aims to bring diversity in their design inspiration game that can help designers find new ways of approaching any problem.


Like Pinterest, Designspiration allows you to view multiple images all at once. Categorized as popular, everything and random you can look up designs that show different ways in which content can be displayed. From fine art and photography to illustrations and more, you can visit Designspiration for any type of your upcoming design project.


Run by Daniel Howells, siteInspire boasts a rich source of creative websites you can get inspiration from. It comes with an extensive tagging system that allows you to filter relevant web designs with ease. By using multiple tags you can further refine your search and create diverse combinations that can produce some interesting results.
What makes siteInspire different?
SiteInspire comes with an elegant tagging system that works without any hiccups. Unlike other websites, it allows you to search subject-based-designs. You can use the subject tags to land you to the right place when it comes to seeking industry or business-specific design ideas.Apart from subject-based-designs, you can also filter out some style-based design inspiration on siteInspire.

Behance โ€“Discover

Using the Behance's web design discover page, you can find massive amounts of web design inspiration coming in from its creative community. You can look up different designs by selecting your specific search options including timeframe, popularity or location.Being a part of the Adobe family of companies, itโ€™s probably the most active and world's largest creative community. And its detailed filtering options can help you find just about anything you are looking for. From UI-designs and typographies to copywriting, you can search for any type of design idea using this platform.In addition, Behance gives you the power to see what people are doing with a given tool or platform via its 'Tools-Used' filter [available under the 'Additional Filters' option]

Product Pages

Built on a feed-focused user interface -Product Pages helps you discover modern and creative design inspiration for your upcoming project. It is one of the best platforms to look for design ideas when structuring a product marketing website. Unlike other resources, Product Pages adopts a straightforward approach by showcasing web creatives that are designed to persuade.Websites that are enshrined here are a rich source of ideas on different ways to present product screenshots, how to tackle the difficult process of curating headlines, and how to structure a robust navigational system that doesn't distract too much from the original message.

The Greate Discontent (TGD)

Created and managed by Ryan and Tina Essmaker โ€“TGD lists interviews with artists, makers and risk-takers via print and online magazine, podcast and live event series. You can listen to interviews of successful art directors and designers available on TGD to get insights about what really worked for their careers.

Why TGD you ask?

Because, sometimes, the design industry can feel hyper-focused on things like workflows, deliverables, tools and best practices, leading us to lose sight of real persons behind the pixels and thier powerful stories. TGD takes a step further by allowing us an exclusive glimpse behind the screens to discover more nebulous and emotional topics.

A List Apart

With a special focus on web standards and best practices โ€“A List Apart explores the design, development and meaning of web content. Started as a humble mailing list, it has grown into a primary destination for the design community today and boasts high quality articles from across the globe.If you are looking for finer and thoughtful takes on the finer points of designing, A List Apart is THE BEST source to visit.

Brutalist Websites

A relatively new philosophy among designers that allows them complete freedom in designing sites that are free from frivolous design elements and rules โ€“Brutalism ripped open a space for designers, back in 2017, that is recognized today as Brutalist Websites.This site gathers designs that are raw, free from any good designing practices and which are purposefully designed to be ugly. You can look around to get inspired by web themes that are designed to persuade yet do not follow any best design practices available out there.With big brands I.e., Gucci and Balenciaga adopting this new approach to design, you can find interesting examples on Brutalist Websites that will blow your mind.

From Up North

From modern and trendy app designs, packaging and label ideas to eye-catching UI/UX animations โ€“From Up North is an online magazine that features highly curated design galleries to get your inspiration flowing again. Apart from showcasing modern and functional designs, From Up North is famous for sharing the latest news coming from the creative industry.So, if you are REALLY looking for up-to-date design ideas, this online magazine might come in handy.

Admire The Web

Yet another strong source of web design inspiration โ€“Admire The Web is one of the top places to visit for high-quality curated content. Despite the site's own average-looking layout, Admire The Web boasts content that is extensively tagged. Which means you can scroll through a decent volume of website designs sorted into different categories.

French Design Index

Come on! You don't need to know the language to enjoy this site. Very similar to Awwwards, French Design Index adopts the same site structure, but is a little more niche focused and ONLY features the work of French designers. The good thing is that only a few websites showcased on this platform are actually in the French language. So, if you are looking for the English Language in your design inspiration, you're in luck.


A project developed with love by the Brainin Team โ€“Calltoidea is a platform for designers looking to find the right inspiration as per their needs. Featuring page designs for almost every type of category a designer can come across, this platform is packed with great designs ranging from 404 error pages to admin dashboards.

Hire PHP Developers

Building your own go-to-list of portfolios can help you save-time and find the spark your project may need. Hire PHP Developer's website contains enough inspiration to keep you stocked for months. You can scroll through 'Our Work' tab to view websites, applications and software designs that can be refined based on the platform.If you are REALLY aiming for designs that can get the work done yet offer simplicity, you can easily outsource your designing projects to the Hire PHP Developers team. With an expert panel of graphic designers working on your project, you can create impressive themes that are bound to get you the best results.

What are your favorite design inspiration sources?

Creativity block happens to all of us. But having a handy list of inspiration resources can help us catch some fresh ideas. While there are tons of other platforms available to help spark creativity, which websites/apps do you prefer to visit when you find yourself trapped in a creativity block?



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