This unique app lets the users read their favorite websites and blogs in the same way as if they were reading a newspaper! What’s more, they can share all the important and interesting news, articles, blog posts and hot and viral discussions with their friends.


XCode, Objective-C


iOS, iPhone, iPad


  • XCode and Objective-C have been used in developing this app and it is compatible with iOS powered iPhone and iPad
  • The users can get access to all their favorite websites and blogs in one app simultaneously
  • The app also allows users to sync the app with their iCloud accounts
  • For those of you infatuated with newspapers, you can go for a list of article while others can go for table-like list of articles as well
  • The users can also save articles to be read offline while the app also supports image caching to ensure that your offline experience remains as good as the online one
  • For devices powered by iOS 10, unread article widget is also provided
  • Saving an image is no Herculean task! Just tap and hold and save to your local or cloud storage
  • Trigger automatic or manual night mode
  • The app also offers multiple themes to provide users with an exhilarating reading experience
  • The users can also opt for a full text view in addition to using the search functionality to scour their article of interest
  • You can swipe to move between articles while pulling refreshes your article list
  • The users can choose whether to display all articles or only the unread ones
  • Sorting by newest and oldest is allowed in the app while users can mark articles as read as and when required
  • An article can be marked as read by simply tapping and holding onto the article
  • Users can add custom feed URLs and share articles with numerous popular social media platforms

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