Quran App is the most authentic and sophisticated Quranic mobile application that intends to render your experience of reading and listening the Holy Quran as blessed as it can get. Read the sacred Scripture or listen to mesmeric recitations of the Holy Text on the go and gather all the blessings that come with this amazingly divine experience.


XCode, Objective-C


iOS, iPhone, iPad


  • XCode and Objective-C have been used in developing this app and it is compatible with iOS powered iPhone and iPad
  • The app includes recitations in the mesmeric voices of the world’s most renowned reciters
  • The app allows the users to choose the background theme of their choice
  • Prayer timings for any location in the world can be determined by virtue of the app
  • Adhan/alarm can be configured for individual prayer timings
  • The users can choose their personalized prayer calculation methods, daylight settings and other parameters in accordance with their regional settings for accurate prayer timings
  • An animated compass gives accurate qibla direction along with a wealth of other information
  • Iftar and Suhoor timings can be determined from the app during the Holy month of Ramadan
  • The users can read the completely searchable Al Quran with customizable style/script, font and font size in addition to translations and transliterations in your preferred language
  • The app gets synced with iCloud automatically
  • Bookmark your favorite ayah or translation as and when required
  • Multilingual support available in the app
  • The users can share their favorite passages from the Holy Quran with their friends and dear ones via a number of social media platforms

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