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ShoutoutCenter is a targeted advertising platform utilizing instagram API that provides an opportunity to purchase shoutouts to Instagram users for gaining new followers. Shoutouts can be ordered from multiple accounts, in different niches, for all budgets. Moreover, ShoutoutCenter offers lowest fees in the industry; thereby facilitating cheapest prices possible for shoutouts.


PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, WordPress




  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, WordPress have been used in developing this website
  • Browse through thousands of Instagram accounts on ShoutoutCenter, and choose the best match or Instagram profile you want to be promoted on
  • Fill out a simple form and upload an image for the vendor to post
  • All payments are done via PayPal, to ensure the safety for everyone
  • SSL encryption allows safe browsing and financial transactions for all the clients
  • The users can get in touch with website admin by filling out a simple form
  • From animals and photography to fashion, fitness and ladies, users can search for shoutouts as and when required by category or using a keyword
  • Links to social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are also provided in the website
  • Hundreds of reviews submitted by satisfied customers are available in the website
  • The registration process is quite simple and one can get registered using oneโ€™s Instagram credentials as well
  • From the account dashboard, a user can view recent orders, manage shipping and billing addresses and edit password and account details
  • The message box contains mutual conversations between vendors and sellers in addition to announcements from admin
  • Funds can be deposited with PayPal which are added automatically into a userโ€™s account
  • A user can also become a vendor by providing required information and logging in with Instagram account
  • The website automatically retrieves a userโ€™s followers, following and media posted on Instagram once a user signs in
  • A user can contact a vendor in case of any questions and ambiguities
  • A vendorโ€™s page boasts his/her photographs, display picture, Instagram ID, details of media, followers and following, shoutout pricing, shoutout options etc.
  • Media of 32MB can be uploaded for the shoutout and a caption can also be mentioned
  • Once a user reviews the order and provides the billing details, he/she can proceed to the checkout


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