Wheelie Challenge


Wheelie Challenge is the most realistic and enjoyable motorbike wheelie experience that you can have on your smartphone or tablet. You just have to ensure that your front wheel does not hit the ground while you avoid a range of obstacles on your way. An intuitive game with amazing gameplay lets you try out a number of vehicles in your quest to make the longest wheelie ever!


Unity 3D and C#




  • Unity 3D and C# have been used in developing this app and it is compatible with Android powered devices
  • The game incorporates multiple realistic sounds such as burnout, braking, screeching etc.
  • Engine sounds have also been added for the vehicles
  • In case of collisions with an obstacle on the way, the rider gets dislodged from the vehicle onto the ground
  • Multiple tracks allow for an enthralling gameplay that keeps the player engaged
  • A graphic intensive interface makes for realistic scenarios
  • Compete with your friends and strive to get the highest score
  • Speedometer is also displayed during the game
  • Restart the game with a single tap
  • Pause the game to get some time out and come back reinvigorated

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