PHP Unicorn: The Online PHP Conference

PHP Unicorn: The Online PHP Conference
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We all know that PHP conferences have become a norm around the globe these days. This trend is surely one to get hotter with such events taking place on all 6 continents (Antarctica has catching up to do). But then the idea of having a PHP conference in some corner of the world is against the very nature of the language itself. PHP after all is a web development Goliath. So, itโ€™s only true to its essence that its conferences be held online; or as they say, in the clouds.


PHP conference

Thatโ€™s exactly what the team of PHP unicorns have decided to do on May 4th this year. Their PHP unicorn conference is a platform that will bring together some of the sharpest minds of the PHP realm. Their expertise so odd they are being called Unicorns (these guys exist in real life though).

Some of the key topics in the schedule will tackle issues such as taking care of backups with Laravel, how to work with Webhooks and many more. The conference will also have 2 separate kick off times with the online floor opening at 10 UTC for Eastern Hemisphere and at 14:15 for the Western Hemisphere.

The forum will feature prominent PHP figure heads such as Adam Culp of Rogue Wave Software, Adam Wathan; the creator of Nitpick CI and the unorthodox Chris Hartjes among many others. This also isn't a bad investment for PHP enthusiasts with the online ticket coming in at 100 dollars.

The best part furthermore about the whole endeavor should be the fact that the conference will be recorded and available online for future viewing and downloading. So this is one project that wont just educate the crowd in the online attendance. May we say: God Speed to the unicorns.

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