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Our certified SEO team uses the latest techniques and best practices for getting your website’s SEO health at optimum level.

We Offer Search Engine Optimization Services with Guaranteed Results

Whether you are a multinational corporation of UK or a budding entrepreneurial venture in London, your online reputation and position on the search engine matters a lot. At Hire PHP, we improve the ranking of your website on the SERPs using white hat techniques which are compliant with the rules and regulations of all the major search engines.

What We Provide


    Website SEO Audit (One-time Procedure)

    In the audit, your website is thoroughly examined and analyzed by our SEO experts and consultants. Depending on the website’s size and complexity, the audit can be simple or comprehensive. We locate and address all types of issues ranging from missing titles, meta tags, meta description and alt-tags to duplicate content, broken links, backlinks and mobile friendliness, etc.

    Off-Page SEO

    Our off-page SEO services includes search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, social bookmarking and email marketing. Our team is well acquainted with paid advertisement models such as PPC and CPM and have vast experience in running successful paid search engine and social media campaigns.

    On-Page SEO

    On-page SEO is carried out on the website itself for generation of organic traffic. It deals with fundamental SEO elements on the website such as content, title, headings, site navigation and design responsiveness. We provide extensive on-page search engine optimization where all the elements are optimized. Our content developers provide high quality content that is original, engaging and loaded with LSI. The content is then further optimized by our team for guaranteed stable ranking in the SERPs.

    Link Development

    Link development is an art in this era of digital age. Getting good quality backlinks is not an easy process which is why people usually turn to black hat techniques. Our team has been in the ranking game for years and knows how to build relevant and quality links using effective and fair means. Our mantra is quality over quantity when it comes to link development whether it is for guest blogging, directory submission or forum/discussion board participation.

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