5 Technology Trends for The Future

5 Technology Trends for The Future
Technology trends


Modern technology, what can you say about it. You canโ€™t live with it and you canโ€™t live without it. In this ever-evolving digital world, sometimes you just want to run away from it all. There are other times of course when youโ€™re left dumbfounded with the realization of our reliance on our own inventions. And that is largely down to the fact that technology trends constantly change. They have over the years evolved to give us some great inventions. And in this endless advent towards development, 2017 will mark the start of quite a few new ideas. So letโ€™s take a look at 5 of them.

Internet of Things (I.O.T):

The world of politics these days has its own buzz word; its Donald Trump. The world of football is chanting about European competitions year-round. When it comes to new technology trends, the buzz seems to be all about the Internet of Things. This latest idea that the human mind has conjured up seems to work on the harmony between all the electronic appliances in oneโ€™s use. This seamless integration of machines and sensors aims to build a network of interlinked devices. Such a system will respond to data being recorded through the sensors & hence responding to it accordingly. In simpler words, our machines are going to become smarter and self-reliant and itโ€™s going to make our lives a lot easier.

Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence has been an idea that has probably amazed us for quite a while now. The very thought of intelligent machines gives us a throw back towards the Terminator series. Anyone remembers Sky-net? Well the plan seems to be like that but with human control at the end (donโ€™t worry). This new system will enable our machines to learn and adapt, detect certain patterns and respond to new queries and instructions according to the old data stored. The easy way to put it is that our machines are going to REMEMBER things. Just like our brains do. Sounds scary but interesting at the same time. Imagine a machine coming back for revenge for a wrong instruction we gave.

AR & VR:

The last couple of years saw a boom in the AR & VR world. From Facebook purchasing Oculus Rift; the virtual reality headset in 2014 to Samsung coming up with its own Augmented Reality glasses, this is one field of modern development that is sure to take off in 2017 and beyond. The difference between the two if youโ€™re wondering about it is a simple one. Augmented Reality (A.R) technology adds certain features to our organic 3-dimensional world but doesnโ€™t really transcend the user towards a new reality. It rather keeps them in the contemporary one. Virtual Reality (V.R) on the other hand, through its innovative additions transports the user into a virtual world where one feels a part of it and pretty much embroiled by it. Through the closed goggle device, V.R blocks out the outer space surrounding us and puts us somewhere else.

3D Printers:

Why go out and buy it when you can simply sit at home and print it. Thatโ€™s basically what a 3D printer does. While the technology has been around for a while now, it was only recently that it made its true leap into the future. We all know that 3D printing of inorganic materials, such as alloys, plastics and metals is a thing of the past. But what scientists recently stumbled upon is the ability to 3D print biological human organs. This new method called 3D bio-printing utilizes a special ink called bio ink which is used to print different human organs. The field although new & vague in its achievements is set to grow leaps and bounds in 2017 and the years beyond.


Well the word pretty much explains itself. Automation is a fairly old concept by now with almost infinite appliances having already been automated and running autonomously. The interesting part begins when one bridges this field with that of Machine Learning. The integration of the 2 would mean that we could have independent & intelligent machines that could perform just about any task given to them without the limits of programming obsoletes and showing human like intelligence at the same time. Does Jarvis from Iron Man ring a bell? The advents that can be made in the mesh of these 2 fields can truly do wonders in the years to come.



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